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training & full test facilities available at our training centre LGV-Category C-Training - Diamond Driver Training are now able to offer practical test training for LGV Category C, also referred to as HGV class 2

Diamond Driver Training are now able to offer practical test training for LGV Category C, also referred to as HGV class 2 & LGV CE (articulated) also referred to as HGV class 1 covering the Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln areas.

We also have full test facilities at our training centre.

Training for the LGV test would be conducted from either our offices at Alfreton, just off Junction 28 of the M1, or from our Training Centre located at Newark-on-Trent, the test itself would be taken at our Training Centre and is conducted by a DSA LGV Examiner.

The category C practical test must be taken and passed before being able to take the practical CE test

In order to be able to take the practical training and test for your LGV Category C (HGV class 2) licence you must first complete the following elements:

  1. Have a Drivers Medical (50 - 100) to prove you are physically fit to drive a Category C vehicle, form D4 needs to be completed
  2. Obtain your provisional entitlement on your licence by sending completed forms D2 and D4 with your licence to the DVLA, the licence will generally be returned within 2-4 weeks with the provisional entitlement added. Both these forms can be ordered online from the DVLA as a pack, you will require the D2 Pack, www.dft.gov.uk/dvla/onlineservices/order_forms.aspx
  3. Take and pass BOTH the LGV Theory Test (35) and the LGV Hazard perception test (15), known as Module 1
    (please note these are conducted as 2 separate tests). There are various publications which are essential reading before attempting the theory test, these are The Highway Code, The Official DSA guide to Driving Large Vehicles, these can be ordered online from various suppliers.

On completion of these elements you are able to start your practical LGV Category C (HGV class 2) training with test, known as Module 3. Our training vehicle for this category is a MAN LE 12.220 with a manual 8 speed 'knock over' gearbox

If you are looking to drive commercially and for a living you will also be required to take and pass the Drivers CPC initial qualification tests which consist of the following:
Module 2 - Driver CPC case studies (computer based and conducted at the DSA theory test centres)
Module 4 - Driver CPC vehicle safety practical demonstration (practical demonstration with the vehicle and conducted at the DSA or our Test Centre

After the 9th September 2014 any new category C driver passing the test who passed their car driving test before January 1997 and holds C1-7.5t under "acquired rights" (grandfather rights) will not need to do the Initial Driver CPC Qualification tests (modules 2&4) but will need to have completed 35 hours worth of periodic CPC training before being issued with a Driver Qualification Card, and therefore be able to drive for hire and reward.

Please note that if you passed your Category B car test before January 1997, you currently hold "acquired rights" for C1-7.5t, this means that you will not be required to take Modules 2 and 4 of the initial drivers CPC qualification. However, you will need to start planning and taking periodic CPC training and have completed 35 hours worth before September 2014 in order to still be entitled to drive for a living.

LGV Category CE (articulated)

Having passed the LGV Category C driving test the next step for most people is to take the LGV CE driving test, also know as Class 1. This category allows you to drive either an LGV articulated vehicle ( tractor unit & semi-trailer) or a draw-bar outfit ( rigid LGV with draw-bar trailer)

Diamond Driver Training are able to offer LGV CE (class 1) training and test in our recently acquired CE outfit which is a DAF CF75 4x2 tractor unit with AStronic gears (automatic) and a Don-Bur tandem axle semi-trailer.

The rules concerning the types of vehicle used for the LGV driving test have changed, from the 10th April 2014 anyone passing their LGV category C or CE test in an automatic vehicle will also gain manual entitlement for these categories providing that they hold manual entitlement in their car licence or other lorry or bus entitlements.

Our combination of training vehicles allow potential candidates to gain experience in driving a manual multi-gear LGV in category C, and then automatic gear experience in category CE.

More information on Drivers CPC, both initial qualification and periodic training can be found by following this link: www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Drivingforaliving/Drivinglorriesbusesandcoaches/DG_171186

For more information regarding our LGV Category C training courses please contact us.

B+E test training, C1-7.5t test training, C1+E test training and LGV Cat C (HGV class 2) covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire test training, tests conducted at our training centre

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